Monday, 20 January 2014

Problem with Print Purchase Documents GP 2013

We had a problem with Printing purchase order documents after the migration of GP 10 to GP 2013.  The GP installed in Terminal server and none of the users were able to print  PO using Print Purchasing documents.  I was the only user were able to print it one of the terminal server.  I debugged this for so many days with no clue.  Finally I compared the 2 servers on my login  and checked the difference between the two of them.  The terminal which I was able to print had setting of English(United States) with MM/DD/YYYY date format under Region and Language.  And the 2nd terminal had English(United Kingdom) with DD/MM/YYYY date format.  I checked the 2nd server by changing the date format to English(United States) with MM/DD/YYYY format and luckily the PO got printed.  So this look like the print purchasing documents only work if the date format is MM/DD/YYYY so its a bug with GP 2013 with Europe date format.

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